Booking 2

ビザの申請日の予約が随分先まで埋まっていて11月下旬になりました。それまでは合法的にドイツに居る事が出来るそうです。申請日まで余裕があるのでじっくり準備します。ちなみに10月頃にPositive Artのグループ展を開催するかもしれません。まだ詳細は未定です。発案者の前シェアメイト2人はまだロンドンに居て、いつドイツに戻れるか分かりませんが、皆で一緒に開催出来たらと思います^ ^

The date of visa application was decided to be the end of November, because the reservation was already filled up to a few months later. Until that day, seems I can stay here Germany legally. There’s a plenty of time till the application date, so I’ll prepare carefully. Btw, maybe “positive art” group exhibition will be held around October. Details are not decided yet. Ex-shared mates who are originators of positive art are still in London, not sure when they will come back to Germany, but hope we can exhibit together:)



Today resident registration was done smoothly. From now on I have to prepare some kinds of documents towards getting visa while making a work, oh, I’m busy. And also I wanna learn German language more seriously, I’d be busy further…! But I’ll do it little by little:)


ようやく住民登録の予約が取れました。本当は到着後2週間以内に登録するのがベストらしいですが、常に2ヶ月先まで予約が埋まっていて、毎朝キャンセルが出てないかチェックする日々でした。来週月曜日に空きが出たのでやっと登録出来ます。これを登録すると銀行口座開設、納税番号取得等のビザ申請に必要な手続きが出来るそうです。少しずつ前進中^ ^

At last, I could book the resident registration (Anmeldung einer Wohnzimmer). Actually, it seems best to register within 2 weeks after arrival, but reservations always had filled up to 2 months in advance, and every morning I check for cancellations. Finally i could find the vacant time next Monday. After registration, I can do some procedures for applying visa such as opening the bank account, acquisition of the tax payment number and so on. Moving forward little by little:)



Japanese friends asked me whether i did not be harmed with the flood damage. Berlin, where I live, is located in eastern Germany, far from the damaged west. There is rather less rain in the east. Don’t worry, Berlin is okay. Above all, I pray for the repose of souls of the victims and hope for the earliest possible recovery.

New show

今日から私の住んでるアパートの隣の部屋で新しい展覧会が始まります。今回のアーティストIsolde Kramsは、私が去年ドイツに居た時に3ヶ月ドイツ語を教えてくれてた先生です。彼女の本業は造形作家です。昨日は一日中設営のお手伝いしてました。彼女のショーが成功します様に^ ^

From today new exhibition starts at next room of my apartment. A main artist, Isolde Krams, was my German teacher for 3 months when I stayed here last year. Her main job is clay artist. I helped her for setting up whole day yesterday. Hope her solo show will succeed:)

Wooden craft2

制作停止中だった木工的日本画をようやく作り始めました。組み立ては何とか上手く出来ました。外側の絵はドイツに来てから決めようと思ってたのでずっと保留にしてました。何故ならドイツにあるモチーフと日本の伝統画材を融合させる事で、異文化の調和を表現したかったからです。調和は私がアートで広めたい概念の一つです。この前近所をぶらぶら歩いてたらアイデアが浮かんだので遂に描き始められます。上手く仕上がると良いな^ ^

I restarted my pending “wooden craft Japanese painting”. I could assemble it well somehow. I wanted to decide the design of craft surface after returning to Germany, so i stopped the production in Japan. This is because I wanted to express the harmony of different cultures by fusing German motifs with traditional Japanese painting materials. Harmony is one of the concepts I want to spread through art. Few days ago, I got new ideas of design when I strolled around the neighborhood, so I can start painting at last. Hope it’ll be completed well:)



When I was a child, my dream was to be a pianist. I spent much times for practicing piano every day in order to pass the grade test or competition. But suddenly when I was in junior high school, I longed for a veterinarian and started aiming for entering a veterinary school. As a result, I failed the entrance examination and studied biology at a second choice university. I was involved in chemistry at work, but I didn’t have an ability for chemistry, so it took a lot of effort and study to understand it. Now I’m an artist. People often surprise with my transition from science to art, but my starting point was the art of music (piano), so my current job is more natural to me. The choice of life is wonder. I’d definitely not be in Germany now if I hadn’t started my current job. I have made various detours, but from now on I’ll walk in the art scene:)


友人がケイトウの花をくれました。Welcome back present との事です。嬉しかったのでスケッチしました^ ^植物描くのは難しい〜

My friend, a Brazilian woman, gave me a flower pot of Celosia as a “welcome back present”. I felt happy, and sketched it:) But it’s difficult to draw a plant.


今日はChristine Wickという素敵なアーティストの女性と出会いお話しました。彼女は絵画とインスタレーションの作家さんで、作品のアイデアが独創的で面白くて私の好きなジャンルです。彼女と色々話した中で印象に残ったのが”ポジティブな思考がポジティブな未来を作る”という言葉です。今我々を取り巻く様々な状況、災害や政治含めて明るい未来を想像し難い事が多いです。ネガティブな思考はネガティブな未来を生みます。社会とは人々の意識の集合体でもあるので、1人でも多くの人が明るい思考を持つ事で未来の方向性は変わると思います。そんな訳で改めて私が取り組むポジティブアートはとても大きな意義があるのではないかと再確認しました。制作頑張ります^ ^

Today I talked with a great artist named Christine Wick. She is a painter and installation artist, and her ideas for works are unique and interesting, I like it. In the conversation with her, a phrase “positive mind makes positive future” impressed me a lot. For many people, it’s difficult to image a bright future under the current situation surrounding us including disaster and politics. Negative mind makes negative future. Society is a collection of people’s consciousness, so I think that the future direction will change if as many people as possible have bright thoughts. So I reaffirmed that the positive art I’ll try might have a very big significance. I’ll do my best to make works:)

Small talk

・何故か分からないけど今アパートにはオーブンとIHヒーターがありません。つまり熱を使えないので料理が出来ません😭明日届くらしく待ち焦がれてます。・そろそろ住民登録をせねばなりません。これがないと色々な手続きが進みません。・生活が落ち着いたら作品制作を始めます^ ^

・I don’t know why there’s no cooking system such as an oven and electric heater in apartment now. So I can’t cook anything 🙁 Seems that it’ll be delivered tomorrow, I can’t wait. ・It’s time to register as a resident “Anmeldung”. Without this, various procedures will not proceed.・When life calms down, I’ll start making a work:)