モーツァルトの音楽を聴くと血圧や脳波の安定、想像・創造力の刺激やストレスホルモン低減など健康効果が高まるそうです。彼の音楽には低波長から高波長まで幅広い揺らぎが使われている様で、体内70%以上が水で構成される人間の体細胞に心地よい共振をもたらすのでしょう。一方で人間が認識している色は光の波長(電磁波)の一部です。人に心地良さを感じさせる絵には、ある特定の光の波長が有るのかもしれない。私もそんな絵が描けたら嬉しいです^ ^

It is said that listening to Mozart’s music enhance health effects such as stabilizing blood pressure and brain waves, stimulating imagination and creativity, and reducing stress hormones. It seems that his music uses a wide range of fluctuations from low wavelengths to high wavelengths, and it will bring a pleasant resonance to human somatic cells, which are composed of more than 70% of water. On the other hand, the colors that humans perceive are part of the light waves(electromagnetic waves). A picture that makes people feel comfortable might utter a specific light wavelength. If also I’ll be able to make such a work, I’d be happy:)

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