Nineteen eighty-four

洋書ハリーポッターのシリーズ6 “the half blood prince”を読み終え、残すはあと一冊になりました。読むスピードは上がったけど知らない単語は相変わらず数多くあります。語学学習は日々の積み重ねしかないので頑張ります。ラストシリーズを読む前に”1984” by George Orwellに挑戦します。楽しみ^ ^

I’ve read Harry Potter’s series 6 “the half-blood prince”, and I have only one book left. My reading speed is faster than before but there are still many words I don’t know. I’ll do my best because it’s important to accumulate daily language learning. Before reading the last series “the deathly hallows” , I’ll try “1984” by George Orwell. Looking forward to that:)

My purpose


What I want to do from now on is to expand the potentiality of Japanese painting materials through art works using Japanese painting techniques. And I wanna move the base of my activities of art to Europe and disseminate the art culture of Japanese painting there. For that purpose, I wanna come back to Germany asap, but German government still keep immigration restrictions against Japanese except for specific workers. I don’t know until when it’ll be continued. Now I feel like I’m blocked on my way. But I keep doing the language study, anyways.