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We humans have lived in coexistence with microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria for tens of thousands of years. There are innumerable microorganisms in our body, they are a part of the immune system and fight new microorganisms from the outside world. That is how we maintain or enhance our own immune function day by day. And in most cases, when our body weakens due to unhealthy lifestyles, microorganisms in the body activate and cause cold symptoms (opportunistic infection). In other words, healthy life lead to maintain immunity. Now suppose we take a PCR test. PCR cannot distinguish whether the virus is active or inactive. It also doesn’t know if the target virus is the cause of the person’s pathological symptoms. All it knows is the fact that the target virus’s gene fragment was in the body. However, there are so many variants of the virus that no one can tell if the gene sequence is specific to the target virus. In the current trend, PCR positive people are counted as corona infector. Why is the basics of infectious disease ignored this time? It’s a strange story. Will asymptomatic people become the source of infection? Asymptomatic is because the person’s immune system is superior to the virus, and the virus does not multiply in the body, so the risk of transferring it to another person is extremely low. In the first place, did people who were asymptomatic to flu and Streptococcus pneumoniae, which have a higher mortality rate, care about such a thing? The tricks with imprinting are used in TV and other reports as if to instill fear. So why do they use such a trick? We have to find out by ourselves and come up with a convincing answer. I think you can alleviate your fear by studying various information and understanding it theoretically. *The above opinion is my personal one based on biological knowledge. *i found out below accusation video by doctors in Germany

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