私がイラストから日本画に転向したきっかけは愛猫の死です。彼女の死が悲しすぎて所謂ペットロスになっていた時に、スペインで出会った数々の大きなfine artに癒されました。その時に私も人々を癒す様な絵(fine art)を描きたいと強く思いました。そして帰国後に偶然訪れた日本画展で日本画のテクスチャーの魅力にはまりました。今はイラストを再開して両方描いてるけど根底にある思いは変わらず人々への癒しです。今現在、不安に苛まれてる多くの人々を少しでも私の絵で癒せたら幸いです。早く絵の展示が出来る様な状況になります様に。

The trigger why I changed my painting style from illustration to Japanese painting is the death of my love cat. When I’ve been suffering from pet loss due to deep sadness, I was healed by many big sized paintings I met in Spain. At that time, I strongly thought I wanna be a fine art painter who can heal observers depressing like me. After going back to Japan I was drawn to a texture of Japanese painting at exhibition I went there by chance. Now I resume painting illustrations again, but my underlying beliefs is healing for people remain the same. If I can do the people suffered from current anxiety through my works, I’d be happy. Hope circumstances change good enough and we’ll be able to exhibit our pieces of art ASAP🤲

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